Business Psychology program as an assistant to your Bachelor Degree

In its efforts to provide students with more opportunities in gaining a competitive advantage in the job market, STIU introduces Business Psychology Program which starts in the following term. Business psychology is the study that investigates how an understanding of the psychology of human behavior can be applied in business organizations to achieve more effective business processes and management practices. The goal is to create healthy and productive relationships between people and organizations for a mutual benefit. This program would help STIU students to understand how an organization can manage its employees effectively, how to make employees fit for the business, how to communicate within international relations, and how to interpret messages in multicultural relations.

The program stands as an extended education and will provide students with a Certificate of Business Psychology, which comprise the following courses:

  1. General Psychology – the study of the basic principles, problems and methods that underlie the science of psychology
  2. Personality Psychology – studies personality and its variations among individuals
  3. Developmental Psychology (birth to death) – study of how and why human beings develop over the course of their life
  4. Business Psychology – study of  how an understanding of thepsychology of human behavior can be applied inbusiness organizations

The leader of the program Dr. Sunyarat (Ton) Ratjatawan,  a lecturer and psychologist of the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees, explained that the certificate serves as an assistant to your Bachelor Degree, which would help you to gain a valuable advantage among other candidates. A person with a background in psychology is always considered valuable, especially in the fields of marketing and human resource.

Our university offers both international and bilingual Business Psychology programs. The bilingual program will be taught in Thai and English, which means that two of the four courses in Thai and other two in English.

The program begins next term, July 2016 at Rama 9 campus, Bangkok, and registrations are already open for students who are interested in the opportunities the program offer. Contact Dr.Ton or your Insider for more information regarding admission and registration procedures.

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