Christmas Fair

This 19th December, Stamford Students observed “Christmas Fair 2019” which was presented by Event Management, Dance club & Music Club students, along with Student Engagement. 

The aim of this event was to bring the Stamford community together in a festive and joyful celebration of the year. As the holiday is coming, everyone will be going out with family to enjoy Christmas Holidays. The event drove everyone into the Christmas mood and gave some relief from study. Students dressed like Santa Claus and set stalls to sell Christmas items, gifts, food, and drinks. 

All of the stalls were full of Christmas decorations. Live music and dance performances were executed by the Dance Club and the Music Club. There were Christmas Shops and Gift Shop where it was possible to find Christmas accessories, cards, and gifts. A student sat with a donation box in the Donation Stall – raising money for the poor. 

The majority of stalls were food stalls, including a Hotpot Shop (Chinese Traditional Food), Chinese Snacks, a Butter Sweet Corn Booth, a Thai Omelette Stall, a Bakery, a Bubble Tea Shop, and the Tteok Bokki Shop. There were Lucky Draws and a Bingo Game Challenge to make the event more entertaining. The event was full of fun as teachers and students mingled around while enjoying food and music, taking pictures and dancing with Santa. 

By Nusrat Begum