First IACBE accreditation in Thailand!

Our university is getting more worldwide recognition as we are at the final stages of getting IACBE accreditation. This will make Stamford International University the first one in Thailand to acquire the accreditation. The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE) is an educational accreditation agency for college and university business programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Remarkably, the agency has been granted recognition by The Board of Directors of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), which is the United States’ national non-governmental association. IACBE accreditation acknowledges that a business program has met worldwide standards in business education. Fortunately for us, your Insider was granted an interview with Dr. Dennis Gash, the president of IACBE. During the interview Dr. Dennis Gash emphasized that our university is very favorably comparable with other recognized institutions around the world. He also was impressed with our university in terms of national diversity among students, innovative approach in the curriculum, support services, the student body and the faculty.

The IACBE accreditation presents the following benefits to STIU students:

  • External validation and confirmation of the quality of your business degree
  • Global recognition and reputation of your business education
  • Improved business programs in the continuously changing educational environment
  • Ensures the utilization of the best practices in business education  

The accreditation process is long, thorough and difficult, which takes formidable input from the university.  The committee makes evaluation of variety of areas such as student performances, administration rules, budgeting, programs and other areas. The results are submitted to IACBE’s headquarter for audit, and if any concerns on the quality of the program emerges, the university has to make recommended corrections and then the whole process starts again. Clearly, our university is working hard to improve our experience and achievements.

We are all excited to know when our university will get the accreditation, aren’t we? By July 2016, your Insider will let you know.  Keep an eye out for updates!

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