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Are you interested in learning how to organize your future internship? Would you like to get first-hand experience from other students who just finished their intern programs this term?  Well, your Insider is excited to tell you that our university offers a good opportunity to get such an experience at the “Stamford Internship Presentation” event on September 28 and 30, and October 5 and 7.

All of you STIU students who plan to do internship in the coming terms definitely should go, because you will get:

  • interesting personal experiences from students who have just completed their internships
  • internship tips and connections shared in personal levels, which you won’t find by online research  
  • preparation for your future internship
  • to know about personal growth of the intern after the internship program
  • a better understanding of what the real working world is like


One of the organizers, Mohamad Ali Kassem, says that “It is very good to learn from your own experience but the best is to learn from others’ experiences to avoid future mistakes. This event is an opportunity for everyone to learn the DOs and DON’Ts when doing an internship. You don’t have to walk unguided through the dark alley because the others are willing to share their guidance!”


All students regardless the term year are welcome to join. Go ahead and visit the “Stamford Internship Presentation” on the following days:

Internship Presentation Schedule

Communication Arts : September 28th  13:40 – 17:20 Room 2306 & Sep 30th  9:00 – 18:00 Room 1401

IBM & Finance: Oct 5th  9:00 – 15:20 Room 2306

Airline Business : October 5th  15:20 – 17:20 Room 2306

Marketing & MGN : Oct 7th  9:00 – 11:00 Room 1401

Information Technology : Oct 7th 13:00 – 17:00 Room 1401

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