How about watching some sport?

Something interesting is about to happen on 7th of October, starting at 15.00 pm and ending at 19.00 pm, at Pasuk Futsal Sport Club, Pattanakarn Soi 65. And your Insider is happy to tell you that a first official basketball tournament will be opened this Friday. You should consider coming because this tournament is not only about sports but about connecting STIU students as well. You will watch a competition of 8 teams, where each team is made up of students and lecturers, all representing its own major. Don’t worry about spending time on the road because Pasuk Futsal is only 10 minutes away from our university.

It is worth joining us at the tournament, because you will:

  • have fun with your classmates
  • get a good opportunity to mix and mingle with other students
  • enjoy cheering for STIU students and the lecturers
  • support your major and friends
  • get tasty sport drinks to quench your thirst 🙂


The tournament not only connects the students together but also strengthens bonds between the teams and majors, which is why you should consider signing up for the game next term and become part of it. Your Insider hopes to see you this Friday at 15.00 pm.    

Sincerely yours,

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