It is always better to talk

We all know how important is to talk with someone and share your difficulties, doubts, and fears. Previous week Student Council has a social awareness campaign to encourage STIU students to seek help in case of stress, academic and other concerns.

Here at Stamford we have a qualified counselor Khun Suttipong Kiartivich (Khun Pong), and his office is located in the library next to the study rooms #1 and #2. Khun Pong is here to assist you and discuss any concerns you have. He can give advice how to deal with any issues you might be facing. Prior to Stamford, he did his Bachelor’s in Bangkok and his Master of Counseling in Social and Behavioral Sciences in Australia, and he’s also a Psychologist and author, having written numerous self-help books.

Our university’s counselling service offers group, private and couple counselling. Group counseling can have only up to 8 students for meeting on a weekly basis. If you don’t feel comfortable to discuss in a group, Khun Pong offers individual sessions. There is also couples counseling where partners, friends, and family can be included in the counselling sessions. We also have a crisis management intervention service, which assists students facing life-threatening challenges or suffering from stress related to traumatic experiences. Of course all counselling sessions are kept private and confidential.

Anyone can come for counseling no matter how big or small, embarrassing or complicated you think your issue is. If you want to share your worries it doesn’t make you weak. Counseling sessions will help you become an effective communicator, identify and remove obstacles that are in your way and improve your academic, personal, and career endeavors. You’ll also get a better understanding of yourself.

To see our counselor Khun Pong email him on or book an appointment through Student Life. The one thing you cannot do is book an appointment for a friend or fellow student. In an emergency, same day appointments are available. Your insider advises you to visit the counselor at any day from Wednesday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

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