Networking Night

Brace yourselves Stamford Students because you are invited to join the “Networking Night” event; held by the career hub on the 29th of August, 2018 at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit.

This event is a tool and an opportunity to meet professionals and employers from 30+ different companies and 60 employers. It initially enhances introducing students to the business world, having them make connections and network which might result in great future internship and job opportunities. As Stamford usually specifies, both Alumni and Post-Graduate students are invited to join.

The event begins with a welcoming speech by Stamford University’s president, Dr. Andrew David Leslie Scown followed by a “breaking the ice” activity. The students will then be given the chance to start networking until the event is concluded by the CEO Timothy A. Bulow Speech and words of gratitude.

In order to prepare the students for such special event, Stamford is willing to offer a workshop on the 15th of August, which is mandatory for those who are attending the Networking Night. This is a great chance to get an insight of the professional world and how to approach and make connections with many employers easily enhancing great public relations traits that are some of the qualities of a successful future business employee/entrepreneur.

Target audience:

* Employers : 60 persons from 30 companies

* Management & Lecturers : 20 persons

* Students : Undergraduate 150 persons (senior students)

* Postgraduate and Alumni : 20 persons


* To enhance the relationships and create a long-term platform for students to be connected to the industry.

* To socialize and exchange the new connections with industries

* To have a chance to meet potential students/candidates

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