Orientation Day Term 1 2018

    Today, Stamford welcomed another 480 Thai and International students, to the Stamford family. The first part of the orientation was led by Aj. Colin (Dean, Undergraduate Programs) , K.Tim (CEO Thailand, Laureate-Stamford) and Dr Andrew (President). They opened the orientation with an introduction to Stamford. This was followed by the student presentations arranged by the Student Engagement & Student Council Team (SE&SC) talking about the different ways in which students could reach out for help and support that they might need. As one might have heard, “comfort is the greatest enemy of progress”, moving forward to a new path of direction is always a daunting idea to comprehend. Walking away from the old group of friends and entering into a new chapter of life are some of the main challenges for students. That is why SE&SC are here for everyone.
    Inside Stamford also made its first proper launch as an innovative online platform. It is exclusively designed for students to conveniently and easily access the news, programs, clubs and other useful information during their time at Stamford. Most importantly to make sure students’ will not miss out all the fun!
    The Ice Breaking Activities were held later in the afternoon, encouraging positive relationships between the seniors and the newcomers. Each student wore a STIU t-shirt during the activities. Different clubs were moving from one station to another in sequence of games, such as musical chair, hula-hoop circle, football, square blindfold and singing songs. Students were grouped into five different colors organized by five leaders who ensured everyone was having a truly deserved good time. The environment was magical, filled with excitement, fun and great moments, which was captured in both memories and photographs that, would stay with them forever.

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