Stamford Talks

      Many of us have probably heard a lot about Stamford Talks since last term, right? Your Insider is here to tell you more about what Stamford Talks is all about and why you should take part in it.  Well, Stamford Talks is a students’ public speaking competition that involves a wide range of topics selected by the participants (students) themselves.  At the end of the competition, the participants get certificates along with cash prizes: ฿5,000 cash for the first place, ฿3,000 for the second, and ฿2,000 for the third place.

      For the just concluded Stamford Talks competition this term, the speakers got selected for the competition via an audition process conducted by two judges.  The participants had various categories of speeches to choose from, which was one of the main components of the successful audition.  At the end of the audition, the speakers with the most interesting topics were selected for the actual competition. On the day of the main event, the 1st prize winner MJ talked about illusions, the 2nd prize winner Sonja Muller talked about how moving abroad made her a better person, and the 3rd prize winner Muhammad Khan talked about fear and change. This term the competition featured not only public speaking but also some enjoyable activities for the audience.  There was a break, during which the speakers as well as the guests enjoyed good snacks and a wonderful performance by a singer.  The guests also voted for their favorite speakers.

In the future the organizers of Stamford Talks are hoping to provide more students with an opportunity to speak, making it more like an unofficial “Ted Talk” show.

The benefits of participating in Stamford Talks as a participant/contestant:

  • Real life experience in exploring and showcasing your unique thoughts

  • Feedback which could serve as guide both to train your presentation skills and overcome the fear of public  speaking

  • Practice for the future. Practice is a step further into becoming more comfortable to speak in front of people

The benefits for participating in the Stamford Talks as a guest:

  • Have fun and enjoy the activities.

  • An opportunity to serve as a judge

  • Learn more about various issues and challenges faced by different people today

     So guys, let’s use this as an opportunity to share our thoughts, ideas, experiences, and to conquer our fear of speaking in public. Presenting in front of an audience may prove to be nerve-racking to almost every one of us, so let’s encourage each other, especially those who step up on that podium to conquer their fears, and to deliver their thoughts.

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