You can fly!

Our university continues to give us plenty of opportunities, and this time ABM students can get the Ultra Light Pilot License certified by The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. Since a commercial pilot needs to finish a Bachelor Degree first and then pass the certification, getting the Ultra Light Pilot License puts students one step ahead as they don’t need to wait 3-4 years to get this license.

With the Ultra Pilot Light License you will take the tests for the ultra light aircraft, which includes  learning the basic controls of a plane and aircraft. The Ultra Light Pilot License is an ABM major elective course “ABM410” with 20 hours and 26 course work hours of required training. The course gives not only a one step ahead but provides other benefits such as a health test upon the requirement of CAAT, which students must pass before starting the course. One more benefit is that the course focuses on discipline and healthy living.

The leader of the course, Aj. Eddy says that – “ABM students should attempt to get the license in order to know themselves better and that “yes, you can fly”. It helps them to be focused and to try their best to fulfill their dreams ”.

Your insider also encourages ABM students to consider to take this license because it is a chance for the students not only prove that they can study airline management but that they can actually become a pilot!

For more information you can contact Aj. Eddy in person or via email

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